Hidden World

We always see the water surface from above, reflecting the above water world. I focus on what goes on underneath, the colors, the beauty, the play of light, the fortunes of the fish and all the other life forms that are at home in this world.”

Waves beneath the water

Waves beneath the Water, secrets of freshwater revealed is a blue chip film, we see protagonists that are hidden from us in our daily lives, because they live under water. The complexity, beauty and ingenuity of those below the water surface is fascinating. The diversity of species, sizes, behaviour, colours and shapes is enormous. This is a world that you think only exists on coral reefs, until you find a farm ditch and put your head underwater. In recent years, a deep passion for freshwater ecology drove me to make this film about a world he has been studying as aquatic ecologist for years. I worked as the director and underwater cinematographer on this project. Trailer

Green screen Nature Film Award 2022, Best of festival
Masalu Nature Film Festival, Best Directing
Wildlife film festifal Rotterdam 2022, Newcomer Award
Festival internationale Ménigoute 2022, Prix du Parc Marais Poitevin
Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2022, Best of Festival
Wolves independent film festival, 2023, Best Feature film
Artic film festival, 2023, Best Life Below Water film